Medium Resolution Scans

Entire roll scanned from 35mm or APS.  This includes color and B&W negative film as well as uncut slide/transparency film.  Film scanned at this resolution will produce prints up to 8x10 (250ppi @ 8x12).  A small index print is provided with the CD.


35mm Roll Film              $6.99                   35mm Cut Film               $2.59/strip + disc

120 Cut Film                    $3.59/strip + disc

35mm Mounted Slides (1-150)                                            $1.29/slide + disc

35mm Mounted Slides (151+)                                           $1.09/slide + disc

Negatives, Slides & Prints

High Resolution Scans

Individual frame scanning is available from negatives, transparencies, and prints.  This service is for those who wish to do their own digital artwork.  These scans are available up to 12000 ppi (depending on the size of the original).


35mm or 120 Film

                                   $5.99/frame + disc

Print (8x10 & smaller)

                                   $5.99/photo + disc

4x5 Film                    $10.99/sheet + disc

8x10 Film                  $19.99/sheet + disc

Digital Capture

Our digital capture services are available to those who wish to be able to reproduce their artwork.  Digital files are color matched to the original piece for maximum accuracy.  Digital capture is also used to create digital files of photographs that are too large for a flatbed scanner.  A disc with the file(s) is included.

Photographing original artwork or print                  


We are more than happy to put your scans on a USB or
deliver them via a digital transfer link - Just ask!