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Preserve your family's old and new photos for generations to come by having them restored and retouched using the latest digital restoration techniques.


All photo restoration and retouching work is done by hand to a scanned* digital version of your photograph using professional photo editing software and equipment.  No alterations or repairs are applied to your original picture.

All restoration and retouching work is by quote and can be estimated when we see the original photograph.

*Photos larger than 8x10 will not fit on our flatbed scanner.  A digital file is created by photographing the piece for reproduction.  The cost for this is $56.99.


A digital image can be altered to remove any color cast, stains, blemishes, scars, objects or people. Objects or people can also be added to or removed from pictures. Backgrounds can be replaced, and digital cosmetic surgery such as removing wrinkles and body slimming can be performed.  Colorization can bring colors into a black and white image.  Skin tone and texture can be improved, and facial features can be enhanced.

Digital Retouching Services are subject to quote.  To receive an estimate, please submit a film, print, or digital file original, and our specialists will provide the best possible estimate for your job.

Restoration/Retouching Rate   -   $75.00/hour

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