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Print Ya Darn Photos!

While video may have killed the radio star, digital photography has killed the printed photograph.

Have some really cool photos of your grandparents? Fantastic. Have some really cool photos of yourself that exist in print form? It's okay - we'll wait. Probably not so many of those. And while today's hotter topics are "Everyone is a photographer since cellphones have great cameras" or "DSLR vs Mirrorless" the big issue we should be talking about involves all of the digital photos that will spend their entire lives on a hard drive or cellphone. They are born, live, and die at best as pixels on a screen or at worst as a series of 1s and 0s.

Every year, we host a show for a local photography club in our small gallery and it seems that every year there is at least one participant who says something to the effect of "This is so exciting! I've never printed any of my images big!" And my response is always, "Why not?" Seriously. If you have an image that excites you, that you feel proud of, that makes you feel good every time you look at it - Print It! Feel that joy on the regular. Why not? Put an 11x14 on your wall. Put a 5x5 on your desk. Make a gallery wall. Print. Your. Photos. And enjoy the hell out of them!

As a print lab, we obviously have a strong interest in increased photo printing. That being said, you should have a strong interest in preserving your memories for you and future generations to enjoy. Plus, it's a lot faster than scrolling through 473 images to find that one you want to show the bored person standing next to you.

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